Episode 023: Get Sh!t Done, with Alex Batdorf

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Today on The KT Speetzen Show, we welcome Alex Batdorf: entrepreneur, business strategy coach & keynote speaker of Get Sh!t Done. Alex empowers badass female entrepreneurs to make their dream company a reality by helping them achieve meaningful growth without sacrificing their purpose in pursuit of profit. She also the host of the YouTube web series: Get Sh!t Done.

Get some amazing action items for your business as KT and Alex discuss her company’s name’s origin story. In addition, they discuss why you should stay true to your company’s vision even in the face of corporate opposition, the importance of focus in business growth strategy, and how to find your inner business badass.

What you teach and what you preach is what you have to learn.
— Alex Batdorf

Get to Know Alex

After 5 years of co-building a venture-backed multi-million dollar company, speaking around the country from Harvard to the Young Entrepreneurs convention as a thought leader on entrepreneurship and innovation, and advising startups, Monday's started to feel like Monday's..

When I took a step back, I found that I was in my company instead of being on top of it. If I had been on top of it, I would have realized that my purpose and pursuit of profit were imbalanced because I had forgotten what I was pursuing the profit for. 

When I resigned (more on my crazy journey here), I was on a mission to prevent female entrepreneurs from getting to a place of imbalance. The reality is that YOU CAN lead a company with purpose at the forefront while pursuing profit. We all just need a little help along the way to not only get there but to stay on the right path as our companies evolve.

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Meet the Host:

KT Speetzen is the CEO of Mother Cluckers Comedy, LLC. By day she teaches everyone from entrepreneurs, politicians to corporations the power of comedic storytelling for branding and engagement. By night she’s the and the Creator and Producer of Chicago’s The Mother Cluckers Comedy Troupe. In previous lives, KT has worked behind the scenes in documentary television for A&E, The History Channel and National Geographic, in addition to earning her Masters in Education and her National Boards Certification while teaching for the Chicago Public Schools. KT loves David Bowie, her crazy family, and is slowly starting to understand Twitter.