Episode 010: Selling A Story, with Mark Murrell

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Today, KT Speetzen is joined with Mark Murrell, who is the chief-curator of Get Maine Lobster. Mark grew up in Maine around lobster, but as he lived in the Midwest, he realized lobster was hard to come by. He founded GetMaineLobster.com-Black Point Seafood in 2010 with the primary goal of making fresh Maine seafood available to anyone in the continental United States. In addition, Get Maine Lobster has partnered with large companies across the United States.


  • Learn a bit about Mark from KT [0:01:12]

  • How KT and Mark met through dodge ball [0:02:27]

  • What Get Maine Lobster does + what made him get into this industry [0:03:45]

  • How he is a marketing consultant selling a product [0:06:45]

  • What has been the coolest thing about running an internet-based business [0:09:12]

  • Why personal connection is important with customers [11:15]

  • What some challenges have been for his internet-based business [0:12:15]

  • How his business was featured as a national promotion with Chase Bank [0:15:25]

  • Why you have to put yourself into your customer’s story [0:19:00]

  • What his words of wisdom to grow from the 2 to 5 year mark [0:21:10]

  • Who his Muppet character alter ego is [0:22:51]

  • What the coupon code for Get Maine Lobster is [0:24:17]

You can’t say something is not of value, unless you’ve experienced it for yourself. We are more than our product.
— Mark Murrell

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I’m not a lobsterman trying to sell lobster on the internet. I’m a marketing consultant trying to sell lobster on the internet.
— Mark Murrell

Get to Know Mark Murrell

Mark Murrell founded GetMaineLobster.com-Black Point Seafood in 2010 with the primary goal of making fresh Maine seafood available to anyone in the continental United States—no small task—but he has accomplished the feat by establishing an online business that provides dock-to-doorstep delivery of the world’s best lobster—Maine lobster—as well as seafood appetizers and select beef. An accomplished businessman, Mark’s company quadrupled its customer base since its first year of operation and earned a reputation for excellent customer service nationally.

Mark and his business have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today and recommended on Rachel Ray and ESPN. Additionally, out of 4 million small businesses that Chase serves, Mark and GetMaineLobster.com/Black Point Seafood, were recently selected to be featured in the 2013 Chase National Advertising Campaign. In addition to Mark’s experience with GML.com-BPS, he is also founder and president of Mark Interactive, a Chicago-based Web design and marketing agency that has provided website design and marketing solutions for businesses since 2005. Mark is also managing partner with his newly-launched Integritas International, an international food, toiletries, and personal care import business.

Recognized as a leader in the field of Search Engine Marketing, combined with his unique approach and enthusiasm for his work, Mark is often sought after to consult other industries interested in expanding to or increasing visibility on the Internet. His expertise in leveraging the Internet to capture qualified prospects led to the development of unique marketing products and tools that automate sales efforts. Among his many clients are Morton Salt, Motorola, Dominos, Breck Shampoo, and Ovaltine. Additionally, the success of his online food business has led to numerous requests from professionals interested in replicating his online business model. A native to Maine, Mark moved to Chicago in 2005 to launch Mark Interactive. He returns to Maine several times throughout the year to spend time with his family and long-time friends and “eat lobster.” He graduated from the University of Southern Maine in 2003, earning a BA in Media Studies. When Mark isn’t in Chicago or Maine, he spends time every winter in Vero Beach, Florida, where he manages his businesses in the sunshine.

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