Episode 009: Talking Money, with Carolyn Leonard

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Today KT is coming back at you with our next episode featuring Carolyn Leonard, who is the CEO and co-founder of DyMynd. DyMynd is dedicated to insuring that female founders are receiving equal funding as start-ups. KT loves Carolyn because she holds no punches when discussing finance in the start-up world.


  •  Learn a bit about Carolyn from KT [0:00:43]

  • Why talking about money as a woman is important + writing down your goals [0:02:49]

  • What Carolyn’s origin story is [0:08:17]

  • Why you need to know what you want to get out of mentorship [0:10:40]

  • Why you have to take a risk + bet on yourself [0:16:30]

  • How fear and storytelling have helped her in life [0:17:35]

  • How chaos is opportunity [0:19:35]

  • Who her Muppet character alter ego is [0:20:25]

I would rather be paid what I am worth and be a little rude, than scrimping by because I’m a nice girl and I don’t talk about money.
— Carolyn Leonard
In life there are times where you have to take that risk, you will never get that opportunity again. And if you don’t do it, if you don’t take on that risk, you might as well close up shop.
— Carolyn Leonard

Get to Know Carolyn Leonard

Carolyn Leonard remembers the April morning in the late 1970s when her trading pit at Chicago Board Options Exchange was flooded with orders for 3M options. The only woman working on the floor as an independent market maker trading in the 3M pit from opening bell to closing bell that day, Leonard also was one of only three people trading options in 3M stock. Men who had refused to do business with her faced a choice: End their boycott, or squander an opportunity. By the closing bell, the trading cards bulging from the pockets of Leonard’s signature pink trading jacket revealed their decision: The value of her trading account quintupled in a single day. Leonard looked back just long enough to repay most of the $250,000 in loans that financed her exchange seat and funded her trading account, and she paid her ex-husband for his half of the marital estate after her divorce. Then, this single mother forged ahead, gaining respect and renown as one of the few independent female traders to own a seat on the exchange at that time.

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