Episode 006: Employing Empathy, with Parissa Behnia of Sixense Strategy

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KT is coming back at you with our next episode featuring Parissa Behnia, the CEO and business whisperer of Sixense Strategy, a company to help you redesign your businesses strategy. One of KT’s favorite things about Parissa is the way that she talks about empathy and how it is a vital part of the corporate culture. Listen below to hear how empathy can influence your company culture in a very positive way.


  • Learn a bit about Parissa from KT [0:01:35]

  • Why empathy is part of her businesses mission [0:03:19]

  • How empathy translate into business culture with our business superpower [0:05:15]

  • What a pitfall of a business is + how to fix it [0:08:40]

  • How she coaches clients on fear of competition and imposter syndrome [0:11:26]

  • How the lean canvas model can be a helpful model for your business [0:13:32]

  • Who her muppet alter ego is [0:17:42]

Your business superpower employs empathy.
— Parissa Behnia
If we don’t see, or recognize, what the pain points are that our potential customers are missing, we are kind of missing the point (as a business owner).
— Parissa Behnia


Get to Know Parissa Behnia

Parissa Behnia founded Sixense to build on her previous career incarnations and enact her Sixense Empathy Model™ to serve the business leadership community. She is CMO, startup advisor and angel investor at 678 Partners, a firm offering strategic marketing services. Prior to that she served as Vice President, Account Director at Wunderman DC, a relationship marketing agency. She’s recognized in the Chicago entrepreneurial community as an advisor and angel investor, with a particular heart for fellow female founders but a love of creative minds above all else. Parissa co-taught an experiential entrepreneurship seminar for ACM, a collaborative association of Midwest small liberal arts colleges. Parissa is a frequent speaker on topics such as leadership and entrepreneurship and is co-founder of ProductCamp Chicago. She’s also an active mentor and volunteer in cultural, civic, women’s, education and business organizations and has served in numerous service leadership and non-profit board positions.

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