Episode 005: The Importance of Community, with Sue Reardon of Suite Spotte

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Today, KT Speetzen is joined with Sue Reardon the co-founder of Suite Spotte. Suite Spotte is coworking space in the western suburbs of Chicago, in La Grange and Forest Park. Sue exudes is warmth of community and a keen ability of matching people to work together.


  • Learn a bit about Sue from KT [0:00:39]

  • How community and collaboration was a part of the Suite Spotte vision [0:03:10]

  • What KT loves about Suite Spotte as a coworking location [0:04:51]

  • How community has been created at Suite Spotte [0:05:54]

  • How to combat isolation as a business owner [0:10:08]

  • Why she decided to start coaching [0:11:21]

  • Who her fictional Muppet alter ego is [0:14:31]

You only truly fail when you never try and go after what you want with relentless focus.
— Sue Reardon

Resources Mentioned

I’m not afraid to ask for advice.
— Sue Reardon

Get to Know Sue Reardon

From growing a private technology services firm into a public global enterprise; to launching ventures in the restaurant and retail arena, Sue’s savvy perspective is based on having walked the talk. A mentor/coach, she has helped countless small business owners set their growth on fire.

Sue shares her guidance in her book, Rocka Million, A Manifesto for the Gutsy Micropreneur. The co-founder of Suite Spotte, Sue has built a collaborative community where entrepreneurs and remote employees work independently, yet freely exchange ideas in a highly productive workplace. Suite Spotte is in the Chicago suburbs of Forest Park and La Grange.

Learn more about her on suitespotte.com // Connect with her on LinkedIn

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Meet the Host:

KT Speetzen is the CEO of Mother Cluckers Comedy, LLC. By day she teaches everyone from entrepreneurs, politicians to corporations the power of comedic storytelling for branding and engagement. By night she’s the and the Creator and Producer of Chicago’s The Mother Cluckers Comedy Troupe. In previous lives, KT has worked behind the scenes in documentary television for A&E, The History Channel and National Geographic, in addition to earning her Masters in Education and her National Boards Certification while teaching for the Chicago Public Schools. KT loves David Bowie, her crazy family, and is slowly starting to understand Twitter.