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Your team is awesome. Let's get their story straight.

Using data driven systems, KT Speetzen Presents comedic storytelling training endears clients to your brand, ensures interdepartmental cohesion and happiness and, oh yeah, is a heck of a lot of fun.

From the C-Suite to the sales team, data analysts to HR, everyone in your organization will benefit from dynamic communication systems that both delight your audience and fuel individual confidence.

Your organization's story is powerful. Let's start telling it today.

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Who is KT Speetzen, and Why Should You Care?

• Creator of The Mother Cluckers comedy troupe

• A 20+ year comic with storytelling and stand-up training

• A Nationally Board Certified Educator with her Masters in Education and has taught at both the university and middle school level

• A former Associate Producer for A&E, The History Channel, and National Geographic Channel

• A hoot and a delight

Dying to learn more? Read on, my friends.

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